Friday, February 25, 2011

Nelson, S Island - Alice's weekend

Flew to Nelson on Friday pm, over the cook straight,  over Marlborough sounds, to the sweet town of nelson. Had a relaxing weekend, while Ed went fishing, driving around, walking, eating seafood and riding.  All seems a distant memory after the events of the last week. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Alice - Back from work, went swimming, popped down the steps to the beach.    Not exactly tropical water, but clear and refreshing. Very nice end  to a glorious summer's day.

Edward - Was made to go swimming, bloody cold, feet got all sandy and as you know, sand is worse than pneumonia!

Alice - We loved it!  Took a bit of encouragement, but he was in quicker than me!  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Antipodean Advertising!

Ranfurly Frontier Lager: Bacon, Ranfurly Frontier Lager, Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland, Print, Outdoor, Ads

And then of course there is the infamous 'If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot' adverts.  Launched in '89 and still going strong.


Today we decided to explore Wellington a little more and thought we'd put some pictures up as until now we've not written much about it and it is meant to be:

This is actually the stock exchange building

We walked along the seafront, the same walk we do every day to work but took our time and meandered along different areas.  Glorious summer's day and great how close everything is. It really is a great little city.  

Then we headed to the Botanic Gardens - up the Cable car from the city and walked down. 
This is one of the many pretty cool pieces of art that are dotted about

You can just see our house from the top!

More Wellington art

Friday, February 11, 2011


So we have moved into our house.  It is wonderful. This is our view.  A 30minute walk to work for Ed, and 40mins for me along the sea front.   Earlier this week, we sat outside on our front door step with the view shown below, night lights glittering across the bay.  Most idyllic.  

We've begun painting as some of the decor was horribly 1990's.  The hallway is complete and it looks so good!  The frustrating element is that our shipping container, while still floating (thank god!), will be delayed due to the cyclones that have been hitting Australia and the Pacific Islands.  It was due to arrive on 23rd Feb but now will arrive mid March.  In the meantime we'll rattle around our enormous furniture-less house! 


We had a fun week and saw Sufjan Stevens at the Opera House on Tuesday which was brilliant, although more weird space age electro than the folk we had expected.  

Earlier today we discovered someone rather good if you're feeling lethargic and cannot face the hill or steps up to our house - there is a big hotel on the seafront, a few minutes down from us, with a bar on the 7th level.... and it has an exit onto the street behind the hotel bar which is conveniently close to our house! We'll have to befriend them!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kapiti Coast

We drove up the Kapiti coast on Saturday to stay in our first bach (beach house). After less than an hour and a half - equidistant from Stokey to Canvey Island where we accidentally went one weekend hoping it would be scenic - we were very wrong! - we arrived at a place called Otaki, turned off and headed to a little village where on the outskirts our bach stood.

On Sunday, a glorious sunny day, we walked for 7km and saw 5 people! 

And we did go in the sea - even successfully body surfing! 

Deserted beaches, drift wood scattered cross the dark volcanic sand.

Plains of Rohan in the background for those missing the LoTR reference!