Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our trip to the Wairarapa

We went to the Wairarapa last weekend and stayed here:


Our trip over the Rimutaka pass was quite slow so we were still driving, albeit only a few miles from our bach, when the sun began to set.   Gran, check these out!!

The next day, we went for long walks in the hills, Ed had a little fish, again no trout to be seen.
This is the view from ouur bach.

On Sunday we drove to Castle Point, named by Cook in C18th.  Stunning beaches - about 40 houses, a church and a very basic shop.  Meant there was no restaurant to drink a cool chablis and eat some seafood but devoid of people, again!   We need a cool box, everyone is so self sufficient here, they don't need Rick Stein.  They pull on a wet suit, dive for some scallops and light a BBQ. Nice.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wellington weekend

We just had a fun Wellington weekend.  Party on the Friday, pootled about on the Saturday, buying plants and such like,  rugby on Sat night, Hurricanes vs Chiefs.  Hurricanes are the Wellington side and they won!  

On Sunday, we drove out to Orongorongo Valley!  45 mins from Wellie.  

Look at how the sunlight is illuminating Edward..the stuff of Maori folklore...

Ed crossing the dangerous fast flowing river!

Alice on a totally different part of the river.....less dangerous of course, no adrenalin required, just looking beautiful. Nothing like the bit of river Edward CONQUERED

The best bath ever!!

Eduardo and I went up the coast to near Otaki for my birthday.   We stayed in a bach that had the best bath ever!   Stunning views across the countryside.   We drove to Otaki forks (the outer shire!) and went on some lovely long walks through more stunning scenery. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 So much for having a summer birthday out here!   Horrible weather when we awoke on 2nd march, gusting 50 knots.  We could not walk along the seafront it was so windy. Ergh!  

But by the evening it had cleared and we went for a glorious birthday sail.  Still gusting 30 knots but hey, that is normal for Welly!

The morning sun rise,   makes a refreshing change from early morning Dalston!

More pics of Marlborough sounds view from the plane.  good sailing.