Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Day

After gale force winds last night and a dismal forecast, we woke to a glorious Wellington day. 

We had a light breakfast and headed over the hill, once back, we opened presents accompanied by smoked salmon and Verve. 

Arthur decided he wants to walk so we let him down from the back pack. Respite for Eduardo, however what he really wants to do is dawdle and dig in the ground with the walking stick and tantrums ensue when we try to take the stick away. 

Present opening time!! 

Duck for Folly 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kapiti Coast with the Wilsons

Our trip to the coast started off ominously with a weather forecast that said it would snow! 

Fortunately this was incorrect and while it was raining heavily, the temperature remained warm. 

A very wet morning with Ed BBQ-ing under an umbrella! 

But the sun came out mid afternoon and we were able to go for a walk and play on the beach. 

Ed dug a big hole for Cora and Arthur to play in. 

After a day of running around the little ones were shattered and covered in sand, early bath time called. 

Sunday morning - when the rain cleared we dashed outside to walk the dogs and stretch our legs. 

Lovely relaxing weekend.