Friday, September 23, 2011

Random stuff

Roadworks on State Highway Two.  One lane, dirt track, 20 miles or so out of Wellington on the Rimutaka Pass. Makes us smile every time when we think of roadworks on the M25...

I worked at this brewery in my gap year and they sell it in my local supermarket!

Go Wales!!

Scrabble letters on the fridge, depicting, well, it's obvious, eh?! 

She might look a little bit like Jah Jah Binks but we think she looks more like Santa's Little Helper from the Simpson's! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mid September - Wairarapa

Went over the Rimutaka range this weekend to go to one of our favourite places – the Wairarapa –  we stayed at the Far Pavilion; owned by Dave and Maggie Jeffries. It is gorgeous, so welcoming and warm, with stunning views over the Tararuas. It is the only bach we’ve been to twice and we’ll definitely return. It is also doggy friendly, which is a bonus.

We went for long walks with Folly, watched rugby (go All Blacks, poor Japan!), ate lamb and cheese, drank nice wine; went to Moore Wilsons more times than we should (is that why it is called Mo-re Wilsons?!).  Addictive that place.

Ed’s work is getting very busy and he is working on a difficult project so weekends like this - utter relaxation – are needed.

Loving returning to Wellington.  Only enthusiasm at entering the Hutt valley, passing Petone, as the sun sets over Soames Island and the unusually still harbor sea glints.   Arriving home to watch the sun set, it’s a good life here.

Monkfish for dinner, a lovely bottle of  the 3rd man Sauv Sem; Folly is asleep again and seems a very happy doggy. 

We bought a car!   A jeep. 

More pics of Folly the dog with her ears in the air!

And an intrepid Eduardo and Folly cross a river in the Taurauas!

Inside of our bach

lamb, lentils and spinach. mmmm.

View from the bach 

  We know that Folly loves open spaces so drove down the west side of Lake ferry, I expected to see people sailing, fishing, jet skis but nothing.... no paths.... nothing.   Stunning empty - few sheep of course - countryside.  We continued along the road to the 'Ocean beach', where we spent a good few hours running along the beach.

Folly with a stick in her mouth; yes, a stick.   This is not a dog that usually enjoys fruitless human provoked games but with a little encouragement she happily chased and retrieved a stick, once.  She also found enough confidence to chase after a small song bird and a number of bumble bees.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First week with Folly

Our first week with Folly, and she seems very happy!  She loves doggy day care and is so tired afterwards she falls asleep as soon as she has had her dinner!

Friday night we popped to the Welsh Bar for some drinks to watch the opening ceremony of the RWC.   Wonderful place, we actually heard welsh being spoken, apparently speaking the language is a prerequisite for the bar staff! 

Saturday we headed out to Makara, only 20 minutes from our house, we went for a three hour walk up a hill and down the valley and back along a beach.  Folly is not bothered by sheep, or ducks.  She just points at them!   Great off the lead.  

Then we introduced her to Tallulah, our friend's Staffy puppy,  Folly was too tired to be interested and play and ignored her! 

Sunday before the rain came, we headed out to the beach by Wainuimata, lovely big space to run around in.   

It is pouring outside now.  Horrible weather and we are off to see Wales vs S. Africa.   Come on Wales! 

We saw some wild goats.

 We bought her a duck that makes a great duck sound which she loves.  This morning, Ed taught her to fetch the duck whenever he says ‘ Folly, where’s our duck?’, and off she goes to get it!

Collecting Folly Dog

Last weekend, we headed across to the South Island to collect Folly.   We left on the Saturday morning, a beautiful calm, sunny day, perfect for our first trip on the Inter-Islander ferry.  The journey takes three hours and we sat out on deck watching the S. Island draw close and admired the stunning Marlborough Sounds as we wound our way through the peninsulas and islands to Picton.

Folly seemed pleased to see us to our relief and we had a lovely day walking through the hills in the Maitai valley, just south of Nelson. Well, it was good until we heard the sound of pig dogs howling in the midst of a kill that echoed across the valley!   We then chose a more gentile route along a river which she preferred!

Journey home was fine; she slept on her bean bag and didn’t mind the swaying of the ferry as a large swell rolled in.