Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas walk

Folly and I headed out to the bus barn track for a Christmas walk. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Day!

Both boys slept until nearly six which was a great present for us.  Arthur opened his stocking and marvelled at Father Christmas' half eaten mince pie.  Ed and I took it in turns to walk over the hill then we guzzled smoked salmon and champagne whilst opening all the other presents. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

'Look who gave me steak?'

Folly is given left over steak for supper and won't leave Edward's side for hours to show her gratitude! 

Butterfly Creek Track

Arthur has shown great strength and stamina over the last few weeks at running to Kindy. Not all the way admittedly but we've seen him cover enough ground to be fairly confident that if the circumstances were right he could make it up the mountain!  We prepped him explaining what the adventure, just like Dora, would entail and he was ready and excited before we left.  Low slung grey cloud covered the peaks as we set off and black clouds ahead threatened. Wearing wet weather gear we were prepared for the worst but soon the clouds melted away and the sun shone.  
Arthur made it to the lookout without too much grumbling, chocolate fingers were successfully offered as bribes on the way up and he ran down enthusiastically. 
Now, a few hours later he is so tired he can barely speak and is slumped in front if the TV.  Let us hope he sleeps through the night instead of visiting me at 3am stolen ice pop in hand like he did last night! 

Ontrays teething chews!

Super hero Arthur!

Recently Arthur has been chatting about Spider-Man and saying he has magic powers so we decided to make him a cape and wand.  Ed made the wand (chop stick, pipe cleaners, crepe paper) and I made the cape (curtain material and ribbon). 
He can say abracadabra and enjoys trying to turn us into various creatures. Yesterday a parrot was top of the list, today a sloth!