Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 2012 - Spring

Well, it is certainly a different kind of adventure having little Arthur! As he rapidly approaches three months, life has begun to settle down, we understand his wants and rhythms a little better and are able to get out and about a little more.

One of the wonderful things about living in Eastbourne is having the beach in front of us and the hills behind so it is easy to go for good walks without having to travel first in the car wasting valuable time in-between feeds!  I am sure I am known by most of the fellow eastbourne dog walkers as the lady with the baby boy that doesn't like to sleep and the beautiful vizsla having met them all on my twice daily 'get Arthur to sleep' walks around the bays!

Spring has arrived and the sun has slowly started to appear. We have had a few BBQs, we had one for Ed's 35th (crikey!) birthday which was great.

Family Montague walks

Our other beloved family member

Arthur giggling and grinning properly at Daddy for the1st time 

Bath time with Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy

Serious Sunday morning

Playing with Daddy

In the garden, sunny but chilly spring day.

First BBQ of the season

Folly behaving as a vizsla should and flushing ducks on the beach by our house