Sunday, July 21, 2013

Arthur is one!

Happy Birthday Arturo! 
We had a little party for him (us really!) with some friends, poor wee man was a tad confused on waking to find so many people in the house and it took him a while to relax but after some banana and raspberry bread he was happy to open his presents and play with his friends. 

It may be winter but the Kapiti Coast is like an English summer's day.

A beautiful day here on Kapiti coast, 15'c, warm enough to paddle. 
Arthur, aged one year and two days, loved it. Although he face planted as soon as we sat him down and then kept rubbing sand in his eyes so not ideal!   He adored being held horizontally and having his hands dipped in the waves; perfect height for Folly kisses too. 

We arrived home relatively early and went for a walk up to the supermarket / pub to see if he would sleep.  As we sat in the pub. 5.10pm. The ground rattled again sending everyone, I'd like to say diving for cover, but actually, everyone did the completely wrong thing, ran around, ran outside. No duck, cover, hold in sight!   We got under the doorway and waited for it to end.   Quite a lot of produce fell off the supermarket shelves so we were left without pine nuts for our pesto!