Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012 - House

We have  had a few quiet and relaxing weekends in Eastbourne, enjoying having our lives to ourselves for the last few weeks!  Sleeping lots and getting ready for baby.  A few antenatal classes and lots of shopping trips for various baby things we never knew existed!

House has been finished and if you can remember the colours it was, it looks very different now!

 No longer the ginger bread house

No red, lime green, yellow or bright blue anywhere...

Woodburner has been installed.  Folly appreciates it greatly!

Gentle walks on the beach nowadays, no longer climbing the hills behind the house. 
This is at 37 weeks. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The best photos of Folly dog ever!

Look, she is completely off the ground!  

More shots of Folly, excited on the beach!

Hawkes Bay with the Wilson's

Hawkes Bay

We had a lovely weekend with Ed, Kristen, Cora and Tallulah at their bach.  Very relaxing and in a stunning location.   The boys did a bit of fishing on the Saturday on the Tuki Tuki River but there were no trout to be seen.  We read books and enjoyed the sunshine at the bach; roaring fires in the evening and some very tasty cooking from the Eds. 

A lost seal just outside the bach.

The sea mist rolling in in the afternoon.

The Wilsons on our walk.

Folly and Eduardo playing chasing sticks.

Training Folly to accept that the boot is her spot.

The bach with Kristen and Tallulah.

Ha ha, this is Dannervirke. They like to place strange things welcoming you to towns, some have huge carrots, or gun boots or a trout!