Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunny New Zealand

A glorious spring weekend; we headed up to the Kapiti Coast on Saturday to Folly's favourite beach, Peka Peka, it is usually deserted but for a few seagulls for her to chase.  The clouds look ominous but it was 19'c and the sea was warm enough to paddle. 

Daddy and Arthur relaxing after a long walk, the sun came out for our picnic. Arthur sucked a piece of apple! His first food. 


Edward says 'I'm going to make a sculpture' and wanders off to collect drift wood. 

And voila

As Arthur has shown all the signs of being ready to try some real food we gave him a little bit of baby rice cereal which he guzzled! 

Sunday - glorious day outside, we walked up to the Eastbourne Carnival which sounds a lot more exciting than it was, returned home to have a BBQ and lounge in the sunshine.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

UK Trip

We headed back to England for three weeks, Ed had to return after only one due to lack of A/L and Arth and I toured around the country visiting friends and family.  He experienced planes, buses, trains, taxis, saw all his many family relatives, great grandparents, cousins, was hugged, kissed and adored like mad and caught his first cold. 

It was wonderful to see everyone and show off the little one. 

Donhead weekend. 

Four generations

Gran, gran and Arth

Rose, Matt and Max

Family photo

Montague weekend

Cousins, Tilly and Arth

Great grandpa 

Chilly Brill, Oxfordshire, walks in the countryside. 

Decamped to The Pointer, Brill to warm up. The pub sign is painted by an artist called Rob Clarke.

And he painted Folly for us! 

The cousins in their white company PJs! 

Uncle Nick and Arth

Uncle Nick and Tilly

Auntie Emma and Arth

Livvy and Arth

The lovely Nina and Marnie.

Back home.  Folly's activity mat?