Sunday, May 6, 2012

Late Autumn - hanging out in Eastbourne

Sun was shining and we had lunch at a cafe in Days Bay. Only 14'c but felt lovely and warm.  The pier you can see is where we catch the ferry to work. 

We went for a walk that starts behind our house. Takes  1 1/4 hours and loops up into the hills and back down again.  

This is one of the views over Eastbourne from the hill; you cannot see our house - it is over to the left but it shows the distance between the hills and the beach.

 Folly and I having a rest.  Fair to say she didn't need it!

Over the other side of the hill stretches out to the Orongorongo Range in the Rimutakas. Nothing for miles and miles in that direction.  Map below shows these eastern hills. 

This map shows where we live; parallel to Robinson's Bay, Muritai, and we live by the Mackenzie Track. 

Yesterday I drove Eduardo over the hills to Wainuiomata which you can see at the top right of the map and dropped him and Folly off so they could trek over Mount Lowry and back to Eastbourne.  We met in the pub in Eastbourne so he could have well deserved pints, especially as he'd dropped Folly's lead halfway down one of the larger declines and had to climb back up to retrieve it!