Sunday, June 30, 2013


A Welly institution, staglands is hidden away in the hills west of Upper Hutt along a very windy road. We left glorious sunshine in eastbourne and 20'c to head there , along with every other person in Welly. As we got closer the clouds thickened and the rain began to fall. Cars streaming passed us in the opposite direction having left staglands due to the torrential rain and huge crowds . We arrived as most people were leaving! We braved the weather and were thwarted pretty quickly as the rain thundered down, we retreated indoors for tea and minutes later the rain paused. We took advantage and rushed back outside to see some more animals. Very enjoyable! 

Winter fun in Welly

We had a lovely weekend in Wellington. Weather was fine, chill in the air but warmth in the sun. 
Arthur had an enjoyable time in the garden and on the beach and Folly ran around at low tide after a faster lurcher. 
We saw some friends on Sunday for a BBQ, home made burgers, salads and a selection of beers and cider. 
Sunday night is now here. Fire is on, lamb shanks in the oven, a lovely e d to the weekend. 

Even at low tide there is little sand left after last week's storm.


We went to Nelson for the weekend. Weather was glorious.