Saturday, April 26, 2014

Arturo - 19 months old - March 2014


Easter time and off to Fiji! 

We left a wet NZ and flew to Nadi and then jumped on a boat to plantation island. We'd chosen it for its kids club and nannies, beautiful location and huts by the beach.  Arthur wasn't keen on hanging out with a nanny so instead we built sand castles and swam in the sea which was magical. Lovely temperature and a coral reef only 100m from our hut which we took turns to swim out to and admire the multi coloured tropical fish. 
The only downside was that the food was truly revolting. We discovered the next door resort was much better so hitched a tractor ride to take us there for meals instead. 
A very relaxing week and a great bonding session with the mini munch before his brother arrives in eight weeks. 

The view from our hut

Daddy and Arthur enjoying playing in the warm clear sea

Arthur climbs up onto the edge of the sofa, reaches onto the fridge and pulls down the peanut butter and a spoon! We thought it had suddenly gone quiet! 

Lots of tractors that Arthur was in total awe of!  

Mummy and Arthur 

Mmmm coconut

Our hut

Bye bye plantation island 

A better flight than on the way out!