Saturday, August 27, 2011

Damn out of control snowboarders

Three and a half hour's drive north of Wellie, up near Taupo is Mount Ruapehu, a volcano that erupted pretty recently.  We drove up on Friday night and then skied Whakapapa on Saturday and then Turoa on the Sunday.  Pretty good snow but long long queues to get up the mountain which when it only takes ten minutes to get back down again, an hour of queuing is not a good ratio.

I also got knocked over by an out of control beginner snowboarder and spent a few days last week with delayed concussion!  I will buy a helmet.

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A quiet weekend in Wellington

Firstly congratulations to Frannie and Beno on their wedding, gutted we cannot be there. Hope ireland was not wet. xx

We've had a quiet weekend in Wellie; Ed had to work on a new project and so I pottered about.

Breakfast room, views over the harbour. Good way to start the day.

Off to Moore Wilson's - the best supermarket in the world. 

Some sausage to try and lots of fresh and unusual veggies and fruit. 

Lots of cheese!  

Even more local olive oils.

This is where Folly will wait for us!

  I love this.  A deep spring water well provides shoppers with thirst quenching clean crisp water.

Cafe L'affare - a Wellie institute, the first place to roast their own beans. Very good coffee.

Cuba Street - shops, bars, restaurants etc

A really rather stupid looking 'fountain' type thing on Cuba street which soaks unaware passersby.

Sunday market on the seafront - just 5 minutes from our house.  

The fishing boat that sells its wonderfully fresh catch. You can just see our house in the background on the hill.  

We drove out of Wellie, NW for 15 minutes and arrived in the middle of nowhere. 

 More to follow later.  Next week we pick up Folly so the focus of this blog will no doubt shift onto the newest Montague family member!  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Life in Wellie

We had a request from Auntie Claire to show our normal life in Wellington rather than just our weekend adventures so I'm off to take some pictures of our favourite places in this little city to hopefully give you a better idea of what our day to day life is like.  Last week when we arrived back from the UK it was snowing but today it is a glorious 15'c and sunny.  perfect for wandering around.